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QMatrix Test Labs
Our QMatrix Test Labs are located in USA and India. Our test experts who are well tailored in methodologies and testing will be available 24X7 to test your robust and mission critical applications. Our QMatrix Test Labs are well equipped with standard server configuration and network to work efficiently via remote. Our Test environment experts will create test environment/test beds that replicate your environment.
Testing Models
Model # 1 - Outsource the entire testing effort. Our QMatrix QA Manager will act as liaison between client managers and our test experts. QMatrix QA Manager can work at client site or via remote. He gathers requirements from client site and oversees the test planning, test case development and test execution at our QMatrix test labs. He provides status reports to client on required basis.
Model # 2 - Testing the development project outsourced. Our QA Manager / Lead QMatrix consultant will work with the outsourced development company. He works with the development company personnel and measures quality of development by running tests and updates the client personnel with status of quality and stability of code.
Model # 3 - Entire Product Validation - We can validate any COTS product to make sure whether it meets the requirements of our customer.
Model # 4 - QMatrix Consultation - Whether it is huge implementation which requires 50 testers or Small project with single implementation, we can provide with our QMethodology test experts for consulting. Our QMatrix test experts have experience with methodology and business processes who can hit the ground running with no training.
ROI involved
  • Minimize the testing cost by 50% at least
  • Minimize expenses on staff and infrastructure
  • Testing via remote available from USA as well as in India
  • Minimize cost on training
  • Available 24 X 7 via Phone and Email
  • Test Status reports every week for review
  • Good documentation and tech writing
  • Transparency of work and walk-In with no appointment
  • Free consultation and initial POC (proof of concept) with no contract
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