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Quality Matrix Banking and Financial Services Testing Service Offerings
Quality Matrix domain and technical experts fully understand the complexity of Banking and Financial applications involving legacy systems, asynchronous messaging, Protocols, large amount test data, multiple subsystems, diverse data sources and complex authentication systems. Our well-defined and proven framework-based models offer a step-by-step testing approach with automation solutions that reflect robust quality and regression cycle reduction.
We have been working with world’s leading Banking and Financial Services organizations to provide comprehensive end to end Application Testing services. Over the years, we have developed client specific solutions, tools and frameworks that address the criticality of processes and testing requirements for the banking and financial services industry.
  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • DWH Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing
We offer the following set of services in Banking and Financial Services testing
Our End to End Testing for Banking Applications includes
  • Accounting software and customer service
  • Private banking applications
  • Corporate banking applications
  • Mobile banking applications
  • Money transfer applications
  • Retail banking applications
  • Funds and credit card processing applications
  • Net banking applications
  • Islamic banking applications
Our End to End Testing for Financial Applications includes
  • Credit domain software.
  • Payment applications
  • Microfinance applications
  • Financial accounting software
  • Customer management applications
  • Wealth management applications
  • Trading applications
  • Foreign exchange applications
Quality Matrix Differentiators
  • Our BFSI domain experts comprehend the requirements quickly and identify special, complex and integration scenarios in addition to regular use cases to ensure maximum coverage
  • Understanding of BFSI industry requirements and market dynamics assure ability to identify and provide solutions based on identified pain areas
  • Most of our resources strong domain experience in various Banking and financial applications like Trading, Retail and Investment Banking.
  • Our centralized test repository for BFSI domain specific test cases covers user and complex end to end business workflows. This, in turn can be customized to specific project needs
  • QA consulting based on the domain priority by business analysts and experts
  • Repository of reusable components reduce finance application testing cost
  • Open source testing tools help optimize resources and cut down costs
  • Traceability of functions and requirements guarantee robust testing services
  • Skilled and proficient testing team ensures high quality
  • QA consulting and priority domain study by expert business analysts
  • Strong expertise on Core Banking Testing (migration, upgrade and implementation testing of FLEXCUBE, T24, Misys, Finacle)
  • Strong expertise on Cards & Payment Testing (Issuers, Merchants, Gateways)
  • Strong expertise on Regulatory testing – BASEL Implementation Tests (stress testing, RWA validations), FATCA, Dodd Frank & Volcker Compliance Tests, SEPA testing

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