Business Intelligence

Would you like to underpin your strategic decisions and adjust them in real-time based on information? Increase customer value delivery? Proactively Identify business risks? Improve operational efficiency and employee productivity?
Then Quality Matrix Can Help

Quality Matrix follows a systematic approach that helps our customers define, launch, execute and gain value out of their BI program. The following are the typical steps we adopt

  • Defining the business context including workforce and data characteristics
  • Building and presenting a business case for senior management approval
  • Identifying the business problems to be solved
  • Understanding the existing IT systems and applications for integration
  • Selecting the appropriate tools and technologies
  • Defining and creating dashboards and reports
  • User training and driving adoption
  • Defining and tracking effective metrics
Quality Matrix adopts some of the best practices in the BI domain in this journey
  • Customize dashboards and reports for specific user groups
  • Eliminate knowledge silos by integrating data
  • Drive fact-based decision making
  • Repeatable process for ensuring the quality of data assets
  • Promote self-service analytics among users
  • Integration with existing MIS applications
  • Ensuring data security by defining access permissions and levels

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