Cloud Services

All applications work well in the development environment. The real challenge is to ensure their performance in the live business environment. In the dynamic business environment, success directly depends on the ability of the business to scale up and meet all the demand fluctuations and still meet the committed service levels.
The IT industry was disrupted by the internet15 years ago. A similar disruption is happening through cloud technologies today. Cloud technologies have disrupted the entire way IT infrastructure and applications are procured and consumed. This has helped companies drastically reduce their IT spend and adopt the pay-per-use model. The resultant flexibility in capacity management has opened up many opportunities for businesses.
Typical challenges faced by any organization contemplating the cloud option are
  • Developing a business case
  • Tools and technology optimization
  • Selecting a provider
  • Application migration
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Optimized usage

Quality Matrix will work with you to first build the business case after completely understanding your current and future business needs. Quality Matrix will address your challenges through the following capabilities

  • Well established experience in building private clouds
  • Certified security processes
  • Application development for SaaS deployment
  • Experience across multiple tools and platforms
  • Application hosting and maintenance expertise

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