Company Profile

Who we are?
We are a global computer technology services company specializing in cloud integration, data analytics, mobile technology and quality assurance. We transform the way you do business.
Quality Matrix is established with the intent of redefining the way enterprises consume technology. With multiple industry standards and ever-changing methodologies, resources and technologies, seamless deployment and use of technology has become a huge challenge. Quality Matrix makes it easy! We have been helping our clients through our hard-earned experience and the expertise, while adhering to the exacting standards and expectations. Our commitment to offer the best makes us proficient in thinking and in delivering more than what is expected. Innovation on the fly!
Work Culture
With Quality Matrix, you can count on a final delivery that meets or exceeds your expectations. Here's a glimpse into how we approach handling our projects.
The senior management of Quality Matrix firmly believe in continuous learning and providing a fertile space to the young minds to unleash their full potential. We have also designed our performance management based on three levels of employee performance: Contribution, Collaboration and Creativity.
Contribution is what an employee must do as a core responsibility. Collaboration is what an employee will do by working with other members of the organization. Creativity is what new solutions and processes an employee creates to solve either internal or external problems
Quality Matrix is an equal opportunity employer and has not discriminated any prospective employee based on any such parameters. We believe workforce and gender diversity builds a healthy and balanced team. The diversity also drives our thinking and ability to learn from each other.
We celebrate both organizational and individual successes and believe that these are an essential lubricant which makes the organization run smoothly

Our story which matters

Established in 2002 in the New Boston, MA - Quality Matrix has earned a reputation in a dynamic global marketplace, by partnering with their clients in achieving technology roadmaps and business transformations.

Sharing Expertise. Building Relationships